Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sway with a anti-sway hitch, traveling in high wind and the best state park in Colorado

If you've ever experienced trailer sway at high speeds you know how unnerving it can be, not to mention how dangerous and even deadly it can be. 

Such hope and promise in a single package, it almost reminds you of a politician.

I got it all hooked up and ready for its 360 mile maiden voyage. Assembled just like the instructions said, and within the first mile it shifted position and had to redone.  I found it doesn't fit the vintage frames well and needs to modified.

The trailer got buffered around a lot with cross winds on our way out. Sure would have been nice if the hitch worked as promised.

Now this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots in Colorado, a year ago while showing the trailer at a car show we were told about Rifle Falls State Park. It has a small campground, only 13 trailer spots but they are amazing, peaceful and tranquil. The Falls are the main attraction so if you go on a weekend, expect heavy traffic through the park as A LOT of day trippers visit the park and quickly fill the small parking area and line the roads.

Ranger loved swimming in the creek that was next to our camp spot, our spot had private access to the river and even though we were among other campers we felt completely secluded at our spot.