Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Spent How Much, For WHAT?

Well I am down to the frame, you ask why take it to this extreme? I found two cracks in the frame, two broken welds and 5 cracked welds. Not to mention all frame members are bent, and a axle that has been repaired and probably needs to be replaced for safety.

I finally figured out why the P.O. expansion foamed this area of the glue it together.

You can see the bumper cut, and welded on top of the old supports. I think I either have to cut off the bumpers all together, or just go with the rack, since they welded  the rack onto the frame with massive angle iron.

Someone gusseted the axle, it kinda scares me and I think I now need to replace the axle as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wall Removal

We got some nice weather today, and since I am waiting for some glue to dry on a work project I decided to pull down the walls, although the structure was compromised with rot and decay I didn't have very many problems

Got the lower skin off, if you notice some of the interior skin was removed, if you are planning to do this type of restoration do not take off the interior paneling until the walls are on the ground. This will keep the frame from racking and falling apart. Thanks Tyler for the advice on your blog. I stopped removing it once I read your blog.

The above and below picture are of the sleeping loft. There is not a lot of info on the web about how these were built, Shasta used 5/8" plywood nailed to the sidewall framing on the inside (lower Picture) then once you get to the overhang they use 1x2's nailed to the bottom of the ply and then screwed to bottom of the sidewall framing(upper Picture)

One frame member is bent and damaged. 

Walls striped, the rear skin has to removed when the floor is removed due to the p.o. cutting the rear bumper off of the supports and rewelded it on top of the supports.

Wheel well is missing its inner liner, but there mounting tabs are so rusted they need to be replaced anyways.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roof removal

Between real work and trailer work, I wasn't able to drop the sides this weekend but I was able to get all the windows out, j channel off, awning rail off, and the roof removed.

Swiss cheese Astrodome

The sleeping loft has a bunch of rot under the window, in fact so much rot that skin wasn't attached to anything.

Knock Knock...Whose there? ROT

I found the Fein tool makes getting the nails out much faster than a nail puller


I guess I can remove the Stove and refer now.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finishing the Interior Demo

Its been a while since I updated this blog, in that time I have removed all the remaining cabinets and beds, then attacked the ceiling paneling. With all the snow we've received lately the roof started to collapse.

Ceiling bows in this part were different than the rest, the aluminum roof has also been replaced in this area

I often think while I am doing this, is it worth it and should I have left it alone, well here's the answer the wall and wheel wells have completely separated from the floor. it makes me think I was lucky to get this thing down the twisty canyon when I bought it.

Look, its the ground!

We have moved to the outside, lots of screws and silicone. hoping to drop the sides this weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Demo Begins

Well we're off and Demoing, we're going to change out the interior from the original Ash to Birch.We opted for Birch since 1/8" Birch is a lot more accessible  in Denver. Any ways here is where we are at now!    

 See Water Damage, this was on of the original couches, We want a dinette and this is where we will be putting it!
 Damaged structure from when the original P.O. jack knifed it.

                   Cabinets Removed       


 Upper Cabinets removed and stored to be used as templates later

This is the questionable heater that was in our Astrodome, it was hooked up to the gas via a clear aquarium hose, and does not have a vent to to the outside....yeah that's gone.

   How much Water damage can a curtain hide?