Saturday, March 31, 2012

Assembly feels so good.

New leaf springs, u-bolts and nuts, shackles and "wet" shackle bolts.

The last photo of the frame rusty!

This is how my Saturday starts, not quite a bloody mary, but the smell will wake you up! The torch was to remove some old sticker reflectors that were painted over. The paint stripper removed a lot of the Barney purple and last but not lest is the Phosphoric Prep & Etch, the idea is to remove the rust and it leaves you with a clean paintable surface. Just don't get it on your skin!

First coat of the Prep & Etch, it already looks better, although it brought out more purple that was hidden under rust! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The last little bit of Demo

The P.O. "repaired" the suspension at some point for some reason. Notice the cut off leaf springs welded to the frame, also notice the street side had two for some reason, also all three were out of alignment, they were out of alignment by 3/4" and the curb side had a bigger hole in it, as well as the street side was taller.

All three cut off and waiting for new hangers.    

Fixed the bent step so now its stable and can be used.

Straightened the bent cross member.  Also found out that the jack was bent and the weld around the base was cracked.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress in the right direction!

My neighbor stopped by today when I was in the backyard, and asked where my trailer was? I pointed to the frame with the bumper cut off and cross members just hanging on by the step. Told him I need to to get it welded before I could start building it back up. His response, will you be ready in an hour? For what I said? To weld it! I really can't thank my neighbor Ty enough, that 12 pack I owe him is going to be well worth it. We got the bumper reattached in the correct position, fixed the cross members and fixed the cracks in the frame and other welds.

The Frame is road worthy in I have no idea how long! Time to get the mobile soda blaster to come out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally got some time to work on the frame, and first item on the list, remove the motorcycle rack that the PO had welded to the frame. 17 cutting disk, and one  dead Makita angle grinder later its off!