Monday, June 11, 2012


The stars aligned today, we had the perfect weather( 75 deg), I had the time, and I had the shellac. Hello 1961! The combination of Amber and Blonde Shellac brought the out the warm tones in wood and vintage feel I was looking for!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Punching out the punch list!

I spent most of today doing punch list items today, that other part was sanding out water stains, we had a major storm come through on Wednesday and Thursday. Even with 3 tarps on it I still got water dripping from the ceiling. I hope The preventive measures I have taken will stop the water the go around! Lets see how water proof Tyvek is!

I never really liked the way the wavy cabinet met the ceiling, so when I built the LP gas light mount I used some the radius corners I had milled to
1) Cover the seam
2)Cover the Gas line
3) add some detail
It looks like I built a bird house, but the gas light goes over the hole!

 Both sides done!

I also received my table mount from VTS(Vintage Trailer Supply) so I was able to build my table base

I Found this cool big old art deco hinge in a box of boat hardware that I had purchase about 8 years ago.

The front is almost buttoned up.

I think I only have one more day of doing punch list items and I be ready for shellac.