Saturday, October 6, 2012

So Close!

Well I missed my goal of getting the new skin on before it snowed as it is currently snowing...So close!
The trailer was final prepared for the skins as I sprayed the bottom with a rubberized coating to seal the wood and protect it. I also sealed all the light wiring.

The newly fabricated skin panels! This is 1/2 of one side, its 4ft wide x 13.5ft long, and very flexible.

This is the front panel the back is under it!

Thank goodness for cabinet jacks and our wood fence, it really helped fitting the first panel.

I racked my brain on how to cut out the windows and the shape of the trailer itself, Found that a jigsaw with a metal blade worked the best.

While waiting for UPS to show up with some Stainless Steel nails so I could fasten down the bottom of the upper panel I installed the grab handle and front marker lights.

Nails showed up about 4:30, it was go time! I only had about one and half hours of daylight left and we were suppose to get a cold front overnight(we did)!

One side Done!