Monday, February 4, 2013

Doors are a bore!

 This past week was Door week, I had to build all the cabinet doors, drawer faces, and screen door. I started out with the screen door. I built it out of Solid birch. 

I used a Festool Domino Joiner to make the frame. 

Cross braces,

Door rails,

These are the dominos that reinforce the joints,

The frame all glued and clamped together, 

Here it is all shellac'd and installed, in the closed position,

Open position,

Since my trailer has a aluminum screen door originally, I had to create some hinge mortises in the door frame so the door would be the correct depth in the frame.

All the Cabinet doors are done and installed, it's starting to come together!! The doors are true to the originals, in order to keep the weight down I made them hollow core. 

I can see the light...

 I can see the light, still not sure if it's the end of the tunnel or a train!  I got all the exterior lights tested and they all work!

Handle Light

Side marker lights!

Tail lights and license plate light.

 I also found some wall sconces for the interior, their not what I originally wanted but they look awesome, vintage all at the same time, best part about them they were only $12.