Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Maiden Voyage...Take Two!

We finally were able to use our Trailer, on Friday August 2 we packed up the trailer and hit the road. We were headed to Ranger Lakes in State Forest State Park, outside of Walden CO, 140 miles away!

The few high mountain passes were no problem this time. 

Had to stop for a rest stop, it proved to be a pretty back drop!

Ranger says so far a much better trip!

This was taken on the back side of Cameron Pass(elev 10,276)

We made it! Our little trailer was a little out of place with all the new plastic sheds on wheels. Oh well let the fun begin!

Our view

Fields of wild flowers

Being that it's a state park, and they have strict leash laws we had to hike to find some water, where we could let Ranger be free.

I guess I should have brought another chair! What was I thinking!

Too much fun for some puppies to handle!