Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rocking the Rock Guard!

Built the rock guard this weekend, when we bought the trailer every single pane of glass in the front window was either chipped or broken. This also provides a rain shield so you can keep the front windows open when it rains, Sun shade that helps the curtains and cushions from fading. 

It didn't turn out to bad considering I had never actually seen one in real life.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yee-Haw Progress!

Well a lot has been happening, and the trailer has made some leaps and bounds toward the finish line!!

First off, it now has heat, provided by a Wave 3 Catalytic Heater.

I settled on a 800 watt Cobra modified Sine Wave Inverter, It comes with 2x usb ports to charge phones and 2x 110 plugs to charge laptops and run small appliances.

We had a mini sweat shop in our dining room, my wife and mother-in-law sewed all day to make the Curtains, Tie-Backs, Pillows and the Heater Cover!

We found some Bark-cloth with a 50's western pattern on it, the bummer was it is discontinued,  we bought all we could find and by the end of the project we were counting threads! The fabric is the same pattern but two different colors, black for the curtains and buttercup for tie-backs, pillows, and heater cover.  You can't really see them but the tie-back's even have a pearl snap to hold them in place.