Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cushy Cushions!

We are in the final push, and the finish line is with in sight.  We started making the cushions, we started by using 5" thick foam that is a 1.8lb density and a medium firmness.(Thank you Verlo Mattress of Longmont CO)

We then wrap each piece of foam in a 1/2" of Dacron batting on each side and covered the whole cushion in light weight Typar fabric.(not shown)

My Favorite Seamstress(my wife Jessica) has been sewing the covers, we found a heavy twill upholstery fabric that is reminiscent of a 50's era couch. Jessica made all the piping from black vinyl, and each cushion has a full length zipper across the back. 

The Fabric is grey enough to blend with the floor and counter top, it has brown and tan highlights that blend with the shellac'd Birch, and of course the black piping ties the curtains and pillows together.