Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I can see the light

The Trailer inches closer everyday. I have all the window and the missing glass installed. I only have to install the main door and in its winter ready.

I also installed the Fantastik-Fan, I chose the gray trim since it looked the most like the original aluminum silver.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Give Me Some Skin!

Its been a long month and a half since I last updated this, I have been very busy with a basement remodel job, and the things I've done on the Shasta have not been blog worthy! 

Lower front skin and the small panels that go on each side of the window are done. The back is also done but I am not really happy with the results so I am not showing it! I have absolutely no metal working experience and the back has some ripples.

My new one piece roof, it came to me in a roll 8.5' wide by 16' long. It's not really that heavy just awkward and sharp!  One piece roofs are far superior than the old 4 piece roofs and believe it or not they're cheaper too!

The problem is the Shasta is only 7' wide, so how do you get a clean straight cut? A really good jig saw and a new blade. I have made all my cuts, windows, doors, the curved roof line and now trimming the roof to width using a Festool Trion Jigsaw.

One of my favorite pictures, the roof is like a mirror! 

So the issue with the one piece roof is how do you get a water tight seam? I used a Folding tool that is made for making HVAC vents, I folded a 1" flap in the skin and than a 1"flap in the roof and locked them together, basically making a "S" lock seam.

Not really the funnest part of the build, folding over the roof and nailing it. 

All done and the front window is finally installed!